Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sushmita Sen

She is very popular in whatever role she does or even when she is being herself - as her innate intelligence and fun-loving nature is like the radiance she wears. This 30-year-old actress has been working non-stop in remote locations.She has also been working on foreign projects. She finds that working for Hollywood movies is good as they are very organized, but even then feels that the Bollywood scene with the songs and dancing are also fun. She is working in Karma Confessions and Holi, where the Indians are represented rather than made fun of.
She is also acting opposite Richard Gere in a movie called Expat, which is to be filmed in Argentina. Sushmita plays the role of a Pakistani expatriate. Due to her positive attitude and fun loving nature she accepts all her films whether hits or flops as gifts.Sushmita would love to work with Aishwarya in a movie, but since there has been so much media hype about their so called rivalry that it would take a really good director with a strong story line to be able to do justice to both their status and talent Sushmita has completed a film for Tanuja Chandra – Rockin, where she plays a rock star. She is working opposite Saif and Fardeen for a film by Abbas Mastaan.She has started her own production house called Tantra Entertainment and plans to make at least 3 movies a year. Her dream project is to make an epic on Rani Laxmibai. The subject is being researched thoroughly. Sushmita has also started a leisure company called Sensation – where she wants to launch hotels, spas, lounges and restaurants. To begin with she has initiated work on a pub/lounge in Kolkata. It is a 10,000 sq feet space on the 10th floor of a building, with the view of Victoria Gardens on one side and the Howrah Bridge on the other.

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