Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Solution: MessageLabs Web Security Service

Because the MessageLabs service operates in the company"s network of data centers, there is no hardware to buy, no hefty up-front capital costs, no ongoing upgrades or maintenance and no software licences; just a predictable per-user fee.
From a single portal, managers can set up policies ' blocking sites individually or by category. They can also set different policies for different types of users. The same ClientNet portal gives managers detailed reports on internet use in their company. In addition to policy management, Skeptic&8482; technology gives MessageLabs a unique ' and powerful ' way to protect its clients against web-born malware. When your employees ask for a web page, the request goes through our system first so we can scan the page for malware and check it against your company policies.
The MessageLabs Web Security service gives companies the ability to monitor and enforce their internet usage policies; whether they are very restrictive or very liberal, whether they favor monitoring or blocking. MessageLabs service brings site monitoring and URL filtering together with industry leading anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. As the world wide web becomes an increasingly more important business tool, companies need the best possible solution to help protect their computer systems, their reputation and their employees. MessageLabs delivers those tools.

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